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Dstv installation Bela Bela

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DSTV installers BELA BELA

If you have DSTV INSTALLATION problems or DSTV INSTALLERS BELLA BELA enquiries regarding a Dstv Accredited installers in Bela Bela, Extraview installation or multi-room system, call our experienced team for polite and friendly advice today.

From FOXSATELLITES , Dstv installation, and more. Our installers carry a full range of indoor and outdoor Dstv at all times. Their repair and upgre work is quick & efficient.


ADstv installers Services was established in 2017 by Mike who was also a founder member of the Confederation of Dstv installation Industries which we are still active members of today.

All of our engineers are both experienced and well trained, carrying CSCS Health & Safety cards as well as company ID badges.

We work in all different environments from enormous communal office and hotel systems to domestic homes

We strive to offer a professional and personal service as we are always available to answer questions either by phone or email, and we always aim to do a good job at a fair price. Should you think you may require our services, please give us a call on 0710088579 or contact us here.

Services we provide


Extra View Setup

you must link 2 or 3 decoders under a single subscription using DStv extra view? This enables you to pay a single subscription plus an access fee of R100 for each extra decoder you add to the extra view. So foxsatellites is the Accredited DStv installers you need to

Reasons for lost signals in DStv decoder

Sometimes the decoder returns to factory settings on its own, causing signals to be lost. In this case, the LNB is unable to transmit signals that the decoder can decipher.

Why is there no signal on DStv?

In fact, improper installation of the decoder or the dish may leave DStv without a signal. There are a number of very frequent causes of DStv no signal, including poor weather, a malfunctioning LNB, frayed wires, an improperly aligned dish, and incorrect decoder settings. Last but not least, you can fix improper settings by returning the decoder to its factory defaults.

Open View

All you need you know!Have you heard?Enjoy free Satellite TV with Openview!If you’re have an aerial.Don’t MISS your favourtie shows.Don’t miss your favourite shows.Own 8PM with our movies.8PM is for movies.Own 8PM with our movies.8PM is for moviesBetween the ashes!A gruelling shift in the ER on eExtra.

Extra TV Points

We can provide any number of additional TV points around your home. If you have ever thought about a TV in the back room, loft conversion, kitchen or even the bathroom, we can install it for you.
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TV Installation

At Dstv installation Services we can supply and install the latest flat 1080p HD screen in your home so that you get the full benefit from your chosen TV package.
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Special Offers

Please click her to see our offers of the month. We are always looking at ways to reward our loyal customers.
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Dstv Installations & Repairs – Bela Bela

If you are looking for a Dstv installation or DSTV repairs in Bela Bela, our Dstv installation specialist engineers are available 6 days a week to install or repair a digital Television . We believe in common courtesy and will always do our best to ensure our Dstv installer will be with you at the time agreed. We also endeavour to stick to the same day service wherever possible, in Bela Bela

Do you need a Dstv Installation in Bela?

Having a new Dstv installed will enable multi-room ability to watch a range of tv channels, including High Definition, via a built-in service of Openview set-top box.
Included in this is Amazon , offering a range of additional TV channels with no extra fees or subscriptions.
Our installation company has a comprehensive range of Dstv products equipment in stock. So if you are in Bela Bela & have poor signal, our dstv installers will still be able to help you – offering the same day service in most cases.

Can I watch TV without an Dish in the Bela Bela ?

You may be able to stream tv programmes and stations without an dstv l, but you would need devices such as a Chrome Cast or Amazon Fire Stick connected to your digital TV and a high-powered WifFi to allow streaming. A poor internet connection, or if you’re in an area prone to WiFi disturbances, could make your streaming blurry or often just not work at all, so for a more guaranteed signal at all times, we would recommend a digital aerial or satellite dish.

Do Dstv Dish still work in the Bela Bela?

Even old Dstv Dish are still capable of receiving digital tv and analogue tv signals; some will have characteristics that make them better at receiving a signal. Call us free for impartial advice to see if your old aerial could provide a satisfactory OPENVIEW signal without a Dstv satellite replacement.

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